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Service desks, as they are generically called, can take many forms. Some are website portals or email addresses wherein you complete and send in a service request, or “ticket”. Others are phone numbers that you call to talk to a service representative. Many websites offer service chat rooms to discuss your service issues with a technical representative.

A service request is where a user experiencing a computer or network problem contacts their service provider to request assistance. It’s essentially the first step in the communications process between a user with a need and the IT service provider.

The IT service help desk refers to the person or group of persons whose job it is to reply to customer service requests.

In very general terms IT service typically refers to the hands on fixing of a computer or network issue and the equipment involved. IT support typically refers to managed care and virtual network support. This is somewhat of an arbitrary distinction as the terms “service” and “support” can also apply to your overall IT management assistance.

There are many benefits to using outsourced help desk services. These services give you an easy pathway to address computer equipment and network issues when they arise. They are effective communications tools between the end user and the service provider that facilitate the effective resolution of a service issue on the most timely basis. They keep everyone informed and can even provide records of service history and issues.

Yes, extremely easy. They are actually pretty similar to email services you are probably already familiar with in that you fill out fields, ask questions, respond to questions, leave messages, etc.

Virtual service desks are those that appear in some platform other than a physical office or structure. Virtual service desks can appear on websites, web portals, chat rooms, email services, etc.

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