Chicago, Remote IT Service Desk Support Is Here!

Our remote Service Support Desk gives Chicago based businesses the ability to manage their IT support needs easily. Our Service Support Desk gives your business the ability to open tickets for the resolution of reactive service issues, such as employee off-boarding, deleted file recovery, network printer troubleshooting, Microsoft Office product support, workstation and mobile device troubleshooting, remote access set-up, etc. It’s a fast, flexible, responsive way to get IT support your Chicago business needs.

A Service Support Desk Designed For You

Every single one of our clients at NCOIT have access to our easy-to-use service support desk to open tickets for virtually any IT support solution need. We’ve designed our remote service support desk system to be user-friendly and to give your Chicago based business rapid access to technology assistance and valuable IT support.

Service A Wide Range Of IT Support Issues

Our service support desk covers a wide range of IT support issues that your business might run into. Here are just a few of the important IT needs our Service Desk can help you with: deleted file recovery, network printer troubleshooting, Microsoft Office product support, workstation issues, malware problems, employee off-boarding, mobile device troubleshooting, and more.

Anti-virus And Software Update Management

NCOIT’s Service Support Desk can help you manage anti-virus, email, firewall and security renewals, as well as server and software updates. If you have an IT support related issue, it’s more than likely our service support desk can help you in a timely manner, 24/7.

Remote Service Support Desk In Chicago Is Here

NCOIT makes choosing a Chicago area IT partner easy. Let’s have a talk, discuss your needs, and see how things fit. We can operate as your IT staff, or we can supplement/manage the activities of your existing staff. We’ll work together to structure an approach that best meets your business needs. Let’s start with scheduling a call. Click the button below and we’ll set things up.

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Common Service Desk Questions

Service desks, as they are generically called, can take many forms. Some are website portals or email addresses wherein you complete and send in a service request, or “ticket”. Others are phone numbers that you call to talk to a service representative. Many websites offer service chat rooms to discuss your service issues with a technical representative.

A service request is where a user experiencing a computer or network problem contacts their service provider to request assistance. It’s essentially the first step in the communications process between a user with a need and the IT service provider.

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