Your FAQs about vCIO's

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIO). Click on the + sign to expand the question box. Click on the button below if you’d like to discuss your questions directly.

Think of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) as the IT guru you always wanted to help manage your overall IT systems and guide your business accordingly. The vCIO is kind of like an ongoing IT consultant who can help you make important business decisions concerning your IT systems and their impact on your business.

One of the main benefits of having access to a vCIO is that you can take advantage of high level IT consulting without having to pay to hire such a person full time. Also, many companies find that they benefit greatly from have an objective, third party opinion on important business matters.

A vCIO can be ideal for a smaller size business who needs top level consulting, but may not be able to afford to hire someone like that full time.

A vCIO can do many things, typically the most common activities include ongoing examination of network operational performance, recommendations on improved performance or enhanced security, consultation on cloud storage and server solutions, analyzing the appropriateness of new technology, assisting with budgeting issues, creating reports, exploring opportunities for improvement, and so on.

Your technology resources need to keep pace with your business growth and your vCIO can help ensure that this happens. Alternatively, your vCIO can recommend technology solutions that may aid in business growth, unlock new growth, or help you take advantage of new business opportunities.

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