The Value-Added IT Consultant For Chicago Businesses

Our Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIObrings you a higher level of IT support and consulting support for your Chicago based business. Having a vCIO can impact your business in powerful, relevant ways. Our vCIO will work with you and your IT support staff on technical and operational growth, development, opportunities for improvement, potential relocation, and structural or organizational needs as they relate to challenging technology issues.

Proactive IT support solutions

NCOIT’s Virtual Chief Information Officer services provide your Chicago business with the insight and focus to manage your IT infrastructure PROactively instead of just REactively. When you’re proactive about your IT support and IT systems you can plan for success, sure meet your business growth needs, and operate your business with the utmost in productivity.

Management-level IT support expertise

Get the IT support expertise of an executive IT consultant with NCOIT’s vCIO service. NCOIt can help you with technical and operational growth issues, development needs, relocation, expansion, organizational issues, keeping current with changing technology, cloud based solutions, and more.

Stay on course with NCOIT's vCIO service

Keeping your Chicago based business on course isn’t always an easy task. NCOIT’s vCIO service can help make it happen. We can work with your existing IT support staff to facilitate planning and execution of IT support projects. If more flexibility is needed for your IT solutions, we can function as a critical third-party solution offering valuable outside advice for all your technology growth needs.

Comprehensive Managed IT Support in Chicago

NCOIT makes choosing a Chicago area IT partner easy. Let’s have a talk, discuss your needs, and see how things fit. We can operate as your IT staff, or we can supplement/manage the activities of your existing staff. We’ll work together to structure an approach that best meets your business needs. Let’s start with scheduling a call. Click the button below and we’ll set things up.

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Commonly Asked vCIO Questions

Think of a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) as the IT guru you always wanted to help manage your overall IT systems and guide your business accordingly. The vCIO is kind of like an ongoing IT consultant who can help you make important business decisions concerning your IT systems and their impact on your business.

One of the main benefits of having access to a vCIO is that you can take advantage of high level IT consulting without having to pay to hire such a person full time. Also, many companies find that they benefit greatly from have an objective, third party opinion on important business matters.

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